Social Responsibility


TDB & C has in line with its vision and mission statement intends to employ, create and enter into joint ventures and partnerships with individuals, community based entities and organized groups to execute allocated projects.

We at TDB & C intend to strive by all necessary means available to our self and resources accessibility to provide and avail career guidance services to technical, engineering, financial and business development students through mentorship, internship during vacation work.

We have constructed and maintained water sanitation and infrastructure, plants and pump station as well as installation of water metering in both the Free State and Limpopo Provinces respectively.

The agency believes that it’s success has been achieved by being brave and hardworking in this competitive industry. The company secure weapon is creating unforgettable experience for people, communities, municipalities and provinces, n order to do so , the key then becomes to connect with each and every client in a meaningful way that they want to engage with.


Rapid reactor

  • Water Demand Management and Conservation Strategies
  • Sewer Water Recycling Plants

Pressure Tower

  • Automated Metering
  • Painting

Upflow Filter

  • Capital Works (Building and Civil)
  • Day to Day Maintenance

Water Audits.