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Your specialist in water management solutions, Sewer recycling systems, Water Demand and Conservation Management, Water Prepaid Matering...

Water Conservation

Minimization of loss or waste, the care and protection of water resources and the efficient and effective use of water.

Water Conservation and Demand Management Strategy

Our approach

Water Demand Management

Adaptation and implementation of a strategy by a water institution or consumer to influence the water demand and usage of water

Your specialist in water management solutions

We have constructed and maintained water sanitation and infrastructure, plants and pump station as well as installation of water metering in both the Free State and Limpopo Provinces respectively.

  • Water Demand and Conservation Management
  • Water Prepaid Matering
  • Water Audits.
  • Grey water systemsg
  • Sewer recycling systems


Professional Services

We have the technical capabilities and engineering experience.
School sanitation - Alternative sanitation - Grey water systems - Grey water recycling systme - Sewage water recycling systme - Water recycling system - Water management solution - Water demand and conservation - Management solution

Water Demand Management and Conservation Strategies

Sewer Water Recycling Plants

Automated Metering


Capital Works (Building and Civil)

Day to Day Maintenance